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Being a straight A student at Kappa Elementary, Lil Peabeaux always finds a way to promote goodness in his community by setting an example for kids everywhere. Lil Peabeaux understands that kids face many obstacles in today's world, and he combats that by promoting positivity. He says "no" to drugs and alcohol. He says "no" to littering communities. He says "no" to teasing and bullying. He says "no" to not trying your best academically in school. He says "no" to disrespecting parents - well, he says "no" to a lot of things that doesn't bring out the best in kids.


What he DOES say yes to is volunteering in our communities, attending church (Lil Peabeaux loves church), making good grades, being star athletes, helping the elderly, being courteous by saying "please" and "thank you", listening to his parents, among so much more. Oh...and he loves rewarding kids doing amazing things in their own communities and schools! Peabeaux loves to read, and he's a pretty good dancer too!


He loves making new friends where ever he goes....especially kids who want to join his Peabeaux's Positivity Crew! Well, what is that? Our Peabeaux Positivity Team is kids that we highlight on our social media. How do you get to join his team, you ask? well, through our weekly art contest, and book reading contest. Just simply download our coloring sheet and/or book log, email it back to us, and we will select kiddos with super cool artwork, and those who read the most books for the week. Yep, that's it! Oh and he loooooves celebrating his friends' birthdays! We love Lil Peabeaux as our mascot at Peabeaux's, and we hope that you join our efforts by also doing good in your neighborhoods.



For the coloring contest, click to download

For the reading contest, click to download

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